Information for Employers

If you are a business owner, an HR professional, an accountant, a public servant or of any other profession and background in Greece and you are seeking for information related to the employment of Asylum Seeker and/or Beneficiaries of International Protection in Greece, then in this section you will find useful information that you need to know.

Often the general public cannot recall the difference between an Asylum Seeker and a Beneficiary of International Protection in the current page you will have the opportunity to gain an understanding on the different types of statuses that a person may hold as well as the type of documentation that people who hold each status have.

Furthermore, when it comes to the question of who has the right to work in Greece many people do not have a clear answer on that. Hereby you will find information related to the legal rights and rights to access the Greek Labour Market.

Finally, even though there is a willingness by prospective employers on hiring people who hold one of the statuses, many due to lack of information and because of case per case exceptions often feel discouraged to proceed with the hiring. To lift this obstacle a short practical guide on hiring refugees is provided which also contains good practices and concrete examples, that may help you gain a better understanding.