Refugees & Entrepreneurship in Greece

If you are a beneficiary of international protection in Greece, you are eligible to start your own business in Greece. Entrepreneurship can prove to be an effective option to make a living and access the local labor market.

Specifically, in economies where the unemployment rates are high, the option of setting up a business can be one of the most effective ways to make your own living. Many studies indicate that entrepreneurship has an essential role in combating unemployment, if efficiently deployed. The process of securing efficiency requires both a knowledge of the economic environment, as well as an understanding that this initiative comes with certain effort alongside responsibilities and obligations.

In the following sections you can find information that will help you understand what entrepreneurship is, how the ecosystem operates in Greece, which are the requirements, the obligations of an entrepreneur in Greece, which are the essential processes and the bureaucratic steps you need to follow to establish your own business.

Lets’ clarify some basic terms

  • To start with, entrepreneurship as a term refers to the activity of setting up a business or more than one. Starting a business is a demanding process requiring planning, work, self-drive, and the capacity to take on risks in the hope of profit, economic wealth, and growth.


  • business is defined as an organization engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. It can be a for-profit entity that operates and aims the profit, or it can be a non-profit organization that operates to fulfill a mission or a social cause. A business can range in scale and type based on the size, structure, industry, type of ownership and legal form, the area of its operation, and other factors.


  • The scale of a business is a matter of the size of its operations, the number of its employees, and its annual profit generation.